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Placa madre insignia con VRM digital IR de 14+4+1 fases y nuevo diseño Infinity, symboliza el desempeño y potencia ilimitados. Deslumbra a la competencia con Mystic Light Infinity II, Panel Dinámico, Triple Lightning M.2 con Shield Frozr, XTREME Audio DAC y Killer xTend con LAN de 2.5G y solución WIFI 6

  • Soporta procesadores desktop 2da y 3ra Gen AMD Ryzen™ / Ryzen™ con gráficos Radeon™ Vega para socket AM4 
  • Soporta memoria DDR4 
  • Mystic Light Infinity II: Personaliza y crea tu propio esquema de colores con MSI Mystic Light, combinando exclusivos reflejos para generar los efectos de luces sin fin. GODLIKE hace que el sistema parezca vivo e infinito.
  • Panel Dinámico: Panel dinámico integrado que indica el estado de la placa GODLIKE y muestra tu propia personalidad.
  • Juego ultrarrápido: PCIe 4.0, Triple Lightning Gen4 x4 M.2 con M.2 Shield Frozr, StoreMI, AMD Turbo USB 3.2 Gen2.
  • Diseño de Disipador Frozr : Diseñado con el ventilador patentado y doble rodamiento que ofrece el mejor desempeño para gamers entusiastas y prosumers.
  • Diseño de Heatpipe Extendido: Agranda la superficie de disipación, conectando desde el disipador del VRM hasta el disipador del chipset.
  • Xtreme Audio DAC: Audio aislado con DAC ESS, 2 procesadores de audio y Nahimic para una calidad de sonido increíble con 384kHz/32-bit
  • Killer xTend: Combina un interruptor integrado con el extensor de red inalámbrica. Doble Killer con LAN y extensor WIFI 6 con priorización máxima de tráfico .
  • Protección de E/S preinstalada: Mejor protección contra interferencias electromagnéticas y mayor conveniencia de instalación
X570 Godlike
MEG X570 GODLIKE es una nueva culminación del diseño de vanguardia, una estética espectacular y una fuerte confiabilidad a partir de una larga historia de placas madre superiores MSI GAMING. Debajo del increíble espectáculo de Mystic Light Infinity II hay una potencia poderosa impulsada por Core Boost que es capaz de empujar los procesadores AMD Ryzen overclockeados hasta el límite. Más que una placa madre por su increíble expansibilidad y las tarjetas accesorias incluidas.

MSI motherboards been designed with tons of smart features for convenient setup and usage, such as pin-header keep out zone, friendly SATA & USB location and multiple cooling solutions, so DIY users can pick and choose any gaming rig they want.


Cooling is essential for a high performance PC to sustain intense workloads. MSI motherboards feature a heavy duty heatsink on the MOSFETs for reliable processor power delivery. Numerous fan headers with full fan speed control lets builders tune their system cooling the way they like it.


MSI motherboards been designed to make the system assembly process as convenient as possible. An array of system tuning features and troubleshooting tools are available to ease installation and setup.


MSI motherboards are designed with both physical and device compatibility in mind. Pin-headers, SATA, and USB connectors are positioned away from other components and devices. A comprehensive DDR memory Qualified Vendor List (QVL), the result of extensive memory testing and tuning, makes it easier to pick from compatible products.

BIOS y Software

Con años de experiencia creando herramientas fáciles de usar para mejorar el desempeño, únicamente las aplicaciones de más alta calidad están disponibles. Utiliza estas herramientas para aprovechar al máximo tu placa madre y alcanzar la victoria en el juego. Además, la BIOS contiene todas las últimas opciones y es fácil de utilizar para todos. Las variadas funcionalidades te permiten ajustar tu sistema para el máximo desempeño durante el juego.


High performance MSI motherboards are loaded with advanced features and the latest technology to overwhelm any challenge at hand no matter whether you’re a gamer, prosumer, or PC enthusiast.


Impulsa tu procesador RYZEN con el circuito optimizado y suministro energético de alta calidad para una operación increíblemente estable.


MSI takes memory stability and performance to the extreme. We’ve designed an optimized memory circuit design for reliability and tested compatibility extensively in partnership with major memory manufacturers.


Connect any ultra-fast storage device and get into the game sooner.


Plug in and start moving files lightning fast with high-speed USB, supported by all the latest connectors and boost tools.


MSI motherboards are built with enhanced audio and advanced LAN networking capabilities that turn any gaming experience into an immerse one.


Get ready to crush your enemies on the battlefield with MSI GAMING LAN. Built with high quality components, MSI GAMING LAN is tuned to deliver the best online gaming experience without lag.


Deliver the highest sound quality through the use of premium quality audio components and get the most immersive sound experience when gaming. MSI motherboards let you enjoy breathtaking, gaming-changing sound.


Each MSI motherboard is built based on the specific topic in order to match different tastes and favors. Furthermore, MSI also adopts the modern style to design the heatsink through huge surface and sleek but simple cuts in order to make the heatsink and appearance looks ripped and powerful. Combined with neutral color, such as black, grey and silver, as the main background, MSI motherboard can perfect fit different RGB LED effects and strongly shows the gamers tunes.


MEG X570 GODLIKE embodies another culmination of cutting edge design, spectacular aesthetics, and heavy duty reliability from a long line of divine flagship motherboards by MSI GAMING. Beneath the deep spectacle of Mystic Light Infinity II lies a powerful Core Boost power delivery system capable of pushing overclocked AMD Ryzen processors to their limit. Get more than a motherboard with incredible expandability and the included accessory cards.


Illuminate with MSI Mystic Light and bring the motherboard RGB lighting to life. Choose from millions of colors and sync across compatible devices.


 With years of experience, MSI is no stranger to building high-performance motherboards. Our R&D and engineering teams have reviewed countless designs, evaluated a wide selection of high quality components, and developed products for reliability even under extreme conditions.


Sourced from the highest quality components, built with precision manufacturing, and rigorously tested for stability, MSI motherboards are sure to last even under high performance loads and extreme conditions.

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